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Bass Beasts Launches Bass Fishing Centered Website and YouTube Channel

Bass Beasts, a father-son team of fisherman based in Austin, partnered with MegaMad and Mark de Grasse to launch their new website and YouTube Channel.

Bass Beasts is based in the greater metropolitan area of Austin, Texas. The company creates videos centered around fishing tips, tricks, and product reviews.

“We wanted to spread our love of fishing which is why we started this company,” says owner, Casey Collins. “My son and I were in a unique position to offer the perspective of both the youth angler and the experienced angler.”

Along with promoting the love of fishing, they wanted to encourage youth angler participation in the sport of fishing by creating this website and starting their YouTube channel. The father-son team believe that there are MANY fish to be caught by anglers who don’t spend a small fortune for reels, rods, line and tackle.

Caleb, the son, will be very active offering his perspective as a youth angler to current and new youth anglers. Casey, the father, will focus on products, reviews and techniques for intermediate to advanced adult anglers.

MegaMad Websites created a customized solution for them that allows them to continuously add to videos while promoting their social media channels. When the design process was complete, MegaMad provided tutorials to help these small business owners to make changes themselves.

“It was fun working with this father-son duo! For their website we wanted to create a clean design that highlighted their videos and products,” says MegaMad owner, Mark de Grasse. “This simple design allows their original content to be at the forefront.”

To learn more about Bass Beasts and their videos, visit the new website at To learn more about website design services by MegaMad Websites, go to


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