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Bass Beasts

Bass Beasts

Who Are We?

Casey and Caleb believe that there are MANY fish to be caught by anglers who don’t spend a small fortune for reels, rods, line and tackle.

Casey often says, “the fish don’t know or care if you pull up in a $5 thousand dollar boat or a $80 thousand dollar boat, nor do they care if you are fishing with a $600 reel and rod or a $100 dollar reel and rod!”

The goal of BassBeast.com and the Bass Beast youtube channel is to promote the love of fishing and to encourage youth angler participation in the sport of fishing. We believe we offer a unique perspective of an adult angler and a youth angler.

Caleb will be very active offering his perspective as a youth angler to current and new youth anglers. Casey will focus on products, reviews and techniques for intermediate to advanced adult anglers.

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